“A Transformation in my Son.”

Testimonial From a Father

Wow- what a transformation in my son. We have gone from a situation of living in complete crisis and utter despair to a family that is healing and a son that is reaching a level of independence that only a short while ago seemed inconceivable. This has been achieved through a level of support and skill that I had started to think was just not out there.  His entire team offer a level ofcare, commitment and personal drive to ensure that success is key. They have nurtured a positive, kind and caring young man.

Sincere thanks.

— S.M.

“A future that now looks bright”

Words from a parent. 

I can’t express enough how delighted we are with the amazing people that you have brought in to my sons life. The warmth, structured and unflappable way that they all  deal with the everyday challenges that someone on the spectrum has to cope with is amazing. I never thought we could all get to a point of positivity and being able to actually plan for a future that now looks bright. To see my son becoming confident and a part of so many new things in his life is beyond words.


A huge thanks to all.

— L.M.


Artlink worked with Edge Autism to find activity for someone who was marginalised from mainstream life for many years. Edge Autism's specific support and detailed understanding of the potential of the individual really helped us find activity on his terms. Edge Autism's commitment to ‘making something happen’ is refreshingly positive; we’ve worked together to bring in new experiences, new networks to open up learning and social opportunities for the long term.

Kara Christine

Artlink Midlothian Coordinator