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Edge Autism


The Organisation:

We support Asperger's and high-functioning autistic people, aged 14-35 years, who would like to receive care & support, in their own home.

We specialise in transitioning teenagers and young people. 

What our young people have to say about us:

“I am less stressed since having Edge so I think my communication with others has improved. I definitely make more time for my friends because I am less stressed.”

“I gained so much confidence since starting [working with] Edge. I’ve never been away on my own [before],. but did this week. When you look at me then [when I started

“There are so many things that I’ve learned from Edge now, like strategies on what to do when I’m having a bad day. [The] worst thing I can do is stay in bed all day and feel like shit. Now I know to go into Edinburgh and go to the gym or whatever.”

“I’ve learned eye contact by staring at their nose.”

“I can make a chilli which I’m delighted with. We made brownies and there was meant to be 18, but I ate all the batter and there was only 4 left. I make my own breakfast and stuff now.”

“With [one of my support workers] I work on my film stuff because I want to pursue a career in the film industry so that’s why I work with [her] coz she’s an animator so she knows that field. With [another one of my support workers] we go out to town or museums or cafes and stuff like that. With [my third support worker], he’s fairly new so we usually go out to experience Edinburgh.”

“I have written things. Eight chapters of a book. [My support worker] supported me with that. I compose music. Edge has helped with that by employing [my support worker]. Occasionally she goes through the music and makes suggestions.”

“Because I can use the buses now, I go rock climbing with my friend. I have noticed a big difference in my strength and ability.”

“[My support worker] comes to art class with me. The first few weeks were on my own. I used to go to LGBT too in the past and Edge managed to get me back there.”

“I had no idea what I wanted to do. I thought I needed to go to school coz I thought that’s what I needed to do. Whereas now I have a path for myself. I have a goal to end up working for Edge.”

“The [suicidal] thoughts aren’t there anymore. It won’t get that bad again because Edge will be there. No matter how bad it gets I know they’re still going to hang around. I didn’t have that with family coz they’d just leave or lose contact. But Edge will always be there for me, so I have that trust. It’s just such a massive difference. It’s just such a good feeling to actually have someone [who I feel is there for me], finally.”

“I am less stressed since having Edge so I think my communication with others has improved. I definitely make more time for my friends because I am less stressed.”
— Edge autism service evaluation report June 2019


At Edge, we want to keep our clients at home, in their own community.

  • Bespoke care packages, for clients with differing needs.

  • Our support teams ensure client participation and person-centred support.

  • We do not believe that 'one size fits all'.

  • Decisions about leaving school, employment, socialisation, re-connecting with family, learning a new skill, enhancing a current skill or living independently, we CAN help.

  • We promote physical activity and encourage participation in new activities.

  • Specialise in assisting clients to achieve their dream of independent living.

  • What sets Edge apart, is our decision to work with the whole family, not just the client.

  • We do not believe in treating the client in isolation.

  • Linking their shared approach with the client’s support team, our Company Director works directly with parents, siblings and/or carers, to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

  • Holistic and our staff team have the highest levels of integrity, dignity and respect.

  • Flexible and dynamic, responsive to our client’s and their family’s needs.

  • Our staff group: Team Leaders, Senior and Junior Support Workers.

  • We are - surfers, musicians, skate boarders, snow boarders, cooks, personal trainers, bikers, hikers, wake-boarders and yogis, to name a few.

  • We are mindful, 'chilled-out' professionals, who specialise in thinking outside the box, about autism.

  • We always go the extra mile!

Edge upholds the Health & Social Care Standards and delivers care for our clients that ensures they are treated with dignity, afforded a right to privacy, have choice, are safe, realise their potential and celebrate their equality and diversity.

Our team members are fully vetted via Disclosure Scotland, have a proven track record and have experience working with both children and vulnerable adults. Our team members also have ongoing training, must attend to their Continuing Professional Development and are registered with their regulatory body.



Edge Autism Ltd

Summers House, Station Road, Eskmills, Musselburgh EH21 7PB

Tel: 0131  285 8930

Office Open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Outwith office hours please leave a message or alternatively send an email via our 'CONTACT US' page 

Care Inspectorate Registration Number: CS2016350092